Trial begins in 2017 Trooper murder

OKLAHOMA CITY - An Oklahoma man is on trial for an Oklahoma Highway Patrol Trooper's murder.

Back in 2017, D'Angelo Burgess led Troopers on a chase.

And when Lt. Heath Meyer put out stop sticks, a fellow Trooper hit him.

Lt. Meyer later died.

In July of 2017, officials stopped 28 year-old, D'Angelo Burgess along I-35 near Tecumseh Road for allegedly following a car too closely.

In the dash cam presented in court Tuesday, Trooper Rodney Rideaux asks Burgess for his license and insurance. He didn't have it, so Rideaux asked him to get out of the car, but he only took one step out, then got back in and took off.

Just up the road, Oklahoma Highway Patrol Lt. Heath Meyer was putting down stop sticks, trying to stop Burgess, but he was struck by another Troopers vehicle.

In court Tuesday, Trooper Rodney Rideaux was overcome with emotion as he described the details of the pursuit leading up to Meyer's horrific accident.

Greg Mashburn, The Cleveland County District Attorney says they believe Meyer's death is a result of Burgess leading them on the pursuit.

"It's a member of law enforcement that lost is life in a line of duty trying to save lives," said Mashburn. "It's a sad fact and sad case, anytime we loose a member of law enforcement like that."

Once court recessed Tuesday, The Public Defenders denied to interview with News4

Court records show Burgess eventually stopped the vehicle, a few miles away from the crash site and was arrested.

As for Meyer, he was rushed to OU Med in critical condition before passing from his injuries 10 days later.

Burgess was charged with first degree murder, endangering others while eluding, possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

If Burgess is convicted, he could face life in prison.

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