Metro mother arrested after infant tests positive for opioids

Maria Vasquez

OKLAHOMA CITY – An 18-year-old mother was arrested after an infant tested positive for opioids at the hospital.

On March 3, just after 10:40 p.m., police responded to a hospital in reference to a possible child abuse call from a DHS worker who said a child “nearly died.”

The worker said the 9-month-old was first brought to the hospital because the child had swallowed a piece of candy. However, according to a police report, “no candy was found” and “nothing was found to be obstructing [the victim’s] airway.”

Police spoke with the child’s mother, Maria Vasquez, who told police she was asleep at her brother’s girlfriend’s apartment when she was woken up by another brother who asked why the infant’s lips were blue.

Vasquez said she gave her daughter chest compressions because she thought she was choking on something.

Vasquez told police she had her sister call 911.

At the hospital, the baby tested positive for opioids, and Vasquez told police she did not know of any time that her daughter could have been exposed.

The police report states hospital staff said the little girl also had lice, scabies and bed bug bites.

Vasquez was arrested and booked into Oklahoma County jail on drug  and child endangerment complaints.

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