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Police: Mother arrested after baby found with scabies tests positive for opioids

OKLAHOMA CITY - An Oklahoma City baby nearly died and doctors say opioids are to blame.

Now, her mother is facing charges.

According to the police report, the baby and her mother were staying at the Brock Creek Apartments with family when the baby's uncle noticed something wasn't quite right. The baby's lips were turning blue, so he woke up the mother immediately and they called 911.

"Obviously, it's very sad when you see somebody as helpless as a 9-month-old child that's been a position like this, that they could have lost their life over this," said MSgt. Gary Knight, with the Oklahoma City Police Department.

Knight says it was a bit of a mystery as to what had happened to the child at first, but something was certainly wrong.

When the 9-month-old got to Children's Hospital, doctors were told she had swallowed a piece of candy. However, no candy was ever found in the operating room. Instead, they found something even more dangerous.

"It appears that the child tested positive for opioids, a very high dosage," said Knight.

According to the police report, a nurse said the little girl's pupils were constricted "like pinholes."

The child's mother, 18-year-old Maria Vasquez, was questioned and was asked how her baby could have ingested such a dangerous drug. Officials say she told them she did not know of any time her daughter could have been exposed to it.

While at the hospital, a nurse told police that the 9-month-old also had lice, scabies and bed bug bites.

Vasquez was arrested.

DHS began working on a safety plan for her daughter while police continue to try to figure out how and why a baby could end up under the influence of a dangerous drug.

"It's something that we take very seriously and the detectives take very seriously as well," Knight said.

Vasquez was arrested and booked into the Oklahoma County Jail on drug and child endangerment complaints.

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