Stabbing suspect fatally shot in Muskogee officer-involved shooting identified

MUSKOGEE, Okla. – Nearly 10 officers are on paid administrative leave following a fatal shooting with a suspect who allegedly stabbed two women and attacked a third.

Officer Lincoln Anderson says officers investigating a stabbing Tuesday found the three women inside a home with a man armed with a large knife.

Police have now identified the man as 56-year-old Danny Brogdon.

Anderson says the women were taken from the home while Brogdon refused orders to drop the knife and a stun gun was not effective. Anderson says police then surrounded the home and when Brogdon came outside he again would not drop the knife. Anderson says bean bags and a stun grenade did not stop him.

“Neither round of the bean bag were effective at all, along with the flash bang was also not effective,” said Anderson. “He continued to advance toward the officers and they were forced to fire.”

Brogdon was pronounced dead at the scene.

Anderson told FOX 23 eight officers are on paid administrative leave and they are reviewing body cam footage to determine who fired shots and how many times.

The names are not being released at this time, officials say.

“Our officers did everything they possibly could have done yesterday to prevent from having to shoot Mr. Brogdon,” Anderson said.

The two women who were stabbed are stable at the hospital. FOX 23 says the third woman is also OK.

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