Complications in process to keep dispensaries legal distance from schools

MOORE, Okla. - A medical marijuana dispensary in Moore isn't the only one whose proximity to a school has been called into question with the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority.

There are more than a thousand licensed dispensaries in the state. OMMA spokesperson Melissa Miller said there is a handful (less than ten) under review, possibly closer than the required 1,000-foot distance from nearby schools.

"It could potentially be that the license is revoked," Miller said.

Ivy League Cannabis was brought to the attention of the OMMA after police say complaints were made it's too close to Moore Public School, Vista Academy. The alternative school is attended by elementary, junior high, and high school students.

"This one and more may have been one of those where it did fall through the cracks," Miller said.

News 4 used a measuring wheel from the News 4 engineering team, walking from door to door along the road. In the end, the measurement was about 880-feet, more than 100-feet short.

But the OMMA uses an even tighter measurement system.

"It's as the crow flies," Miller said, "and it's from the closest part of the property line of the dispensary to any entrance of the school building."

A straight line measurement on Google Maps shows the door to door distance is even closer, about 760-feet.

However, we also looked at the application process for a dispensary license. The OMMA recommends applicants use the maps found on the National Center for Education Statistics website to identify any schools that may be near the desired location for a dispensary. It's a program the OMMA team that processes the applications also looks at.

If you zoom in on the area in question, Vista Academy isn't marked as a school.

"There might be instances where we have to look at what is defined as a school," Miller said. "That might be more complex than initially you might think."

So far, Miller said the OMMA hasn't made a decision one way or the other on a situation like this under review. She couldn't say if any form of restitution would be offered to a dispensary-owner whose license is revoked for this reason.

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