Spring cleaning? Make sure you are recycling right before putting your carts at the curb


OKLAHOMA CITY – If you are trying to clean out your home this spring, city leaders say you may find yourself piling a lot of items in your trash can.

Before you put your carts to the curb, the City of Oklahoma City is reminding residents of other options.

Big Blue trash cart

Use your Big Blue trash cart for regular household trash like food waste (including fats, oils and grease), pet and diaper waste, plastic bags, bubble wrap, broken cookware, light bulbs, Styrofoam, small electronics, paper towels, paper cups and paper plates. Also put in clothes hangers, cords, ropes, clothing and discarded sheets and towels. Leaves and grass clippings can also go in your Big Blue, but they must be bagged.

Big Green recycling cart

Your Big Green recycling cart is only for items that are accepted in the City’s recycling program. Those include clean cardboard, newspaper, office paper and mail, as well as paper board such as milk cartons, juice boxes, frozen meal boxes and cereal boxes (bags removed). You can also recycle plastic bottles like drink bottles, shampoo or conditioner bottles and detergent bottles, and plastic tubs like the ones used for yogurt or sour cream. Other items like aluminum cans and jars, and glass bottles and jars can also be recycled. Make sure to empty bottles and clean out all food residue from jars, tubs and cans before putting them in your recycle cart.

Bulky waste

Our monthly bulky waste program accepts furniture, mattresses, large appliances, landscape waste like tree trimmings and branches, auto glass or mirrors (wrapped and secured in cardboard and clearly marked), bicycle frames and wheels, carpets and rugs, mattresses (must be wrapped in plastic), toilets, TVs, and DIY (non-contractor) construction debris like dry wall or fencing.

Other items and hazardous waste

There are many things you can’t put in your Big Blue trash cart, Big Green trash cart or on the curb for bulky waste pickup. Items the City can’t pick up include bricks, rocks, concrete, dirt, propane or other gas tanks, and any hazardous materials like paint, solvents, acids or similar hazardous waste.

Bricks, rocks, dirt and other construction materials need to be hauled off by a contractor or private waste hauler.

Hazardous materials can be taken to the City’s Household Hazardous Household Waste Collection Facility1621 S Portland Ave. Bring an original, current City water bill, or a copy of an e-bill, to prove residency.

Free Landfill Day

The City will host a Free Landfill Day for all City water or trash customers from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday, May 4. Bring an original, current City water bill, or a copy of an e-bill, to prove residency.

Participating landfills include:

Bulky waste rules and regulations apply to free landfill day. Household hazardous waste, tires, oils, car batteries, propane tanks, pool chemicals, electronic waste and appliances containing Freon or other refrigerants are not accepted.

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