Study: Oklahoma City ranks in Top 20 of termite infested cities in U.S.

OKLAHOMA CITY – One of the largest pest control companies has released its list of the top 50 termite infested cities in the United States, which includes two cities in Oklahoma.

The two biggest cities in Oklahoma made the list: Oklahoma City at #18 and Tulsa at #29.

Terminix says they based the rankings on the number of termite treatments per household in the past year.

Top 5 termite infested

  1. Mobile, Alabama
  2. Honolulu, Hawaii
  3. Baton Rouge, Louisiana
  4. Little Rock, Arkansas
  5. Fort Smith, Arkansas

Terminix officials say there are warning signs you can be on the lookout for such as:

  • Bugs emerging from walls or posts
  • Blisters in wood flooring, which look like small cracks or holes
  • Hollowed or damaged wood
  • Evidence of the pests themselves, such as discarded wings
  • Droppings resembling sawdust or coffee grounds
  • Mud tubes, which look like pencil-sized dirt tunnels, near the base of the home

You can also help prevent termite destruction by following these steps:

  • Store all firewood away from the home on raised, non-wood platforms
  • Ensure four inches of the foundation is showing and that no mulch touches the home. Siding should not extend down to the soil.
  • Be sure bushes or landscaping are at least two feet away from the exterior of the home
  • Keep drainage systems unblocked and routed away from the home to avoid water buildup
  • Eliminate any water leaks or moisture buildups from the home
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