“These people are not hunters,” Oklahoma game wardens investigating after 60 geese found dead

OILTON, Okla. – The discovery of dozens of dead geese has prompted an investigation into an illegal disposal case by Oklahoma game wardens.

Game wardens say a total of 60 geese, a mix of both Snows and Canadas, were found on Keystone Wildlife Management Area, just north of Crow Bridge, southwest of Oilton.

Fishermen on the Cimarron River reported the discovery Monday evening.

Now, game wardens are asking the public for help in catching those responsible.

“It is highly likely that someone following us on Facebook knows who did this. It’s also very likely that there’s a picture on one of many forms of social media. Please look back a few days and see if there’s anything in your news feed that would fit the number of birds in these pictures.

You can report, remain anonymous, and still receive a cash reward! Only a handful of the geese were cleaned.

These people are not hunters.”

If you have any information, call Game Warden Brad Magby at (918)625-6363 or Operation Game Thief at 1-800-522-8039.

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