Residents in northeast Oklahoma community concerned after needles discovered at parks

TAHLEQUAH, Okla. – Residents in one northeast Oklahoma community are sharing their concerns after a rise in the discovery of needles at local parks.

“I just think it’s pretty awful, especially if little kids, you know, just little, are exposed to that,” said one resident.

Tahlequah city officials say over the past year, they’ve seen a rise in dirty hypodermic needles at places like parks and even the lawn at the fire department.

The fire department says within the past week, they’ve had at least three people bring one in.

Fire officials told FOX 23 they believe the needles were not being used for medical purposes, but are instead, drug-related.

While city officials say they’re working to make sure more is being done, such as a new “sharps container” to help the disposal of needles be done properly, residents say they’re still concerned.

“If my children were to decide, particularly my youngest, to come to the park, we’ll probably be a little more vigilant,” said resident Tony Duckworth.

Officials tell residents that if they find a needle, they should call the fire or police department so it can be safely removed.

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