Custer County Health Department investigating Tuberculosis case at Canute High School

This illustration depicts a three-dimensional (3D) computer-generated image of a cluster of rod-shaped drug-resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis bacteria, the pathogen responsible for causing the disease tuberculosis (TB). The artistic recreation was based upon scanning electron micrographic imagery.

CANUTE, Okla. – The Custer County Health Department announced today that it is investigating a case of active tuberculosis (TB) in a student who attended Canute High School.

Health officials confirmed the student was recently diagnosed with active tuberculosis, and state and county health department officials have initiated an investigation, including providing TB testing of household and other close contacts to the student.

Parents of students who may have had significant exposure were contact by school officials March 15, 2019.

These students are recommended to be tested for possible TB infection.

Custer County Health Department was at Canute Schools March 15, 2019 to place skin test on individuals identified as contacts.

The same test will be conducted three months later. If either test is found to be positive, a medical evaluation and chest x-ray is conducted by public health officials.

Tuberculosis is an infectious disease caused by bacteria which usually affects the lungs, but other parts of the body can be affected. It can be spread to others who share the same air space.

Persons who have not been contacted by the county health department do not need to be tested.

However, if you are concerned or do not know whether a significant exposure occurred, contact the Custer County Health Department at (580) 323-2100.

General information concerning tuberculosis can be found on the Oklahoma State Department of Health website.

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