Soon-to-be mom upset after Tulsa court employee allegedly tells nursing mother to leave area

TULSA, Okla. – A soon-to-be mother is speaking out after she says an employee at the Tulsa Municipal Courthouse told a woman breastfeeding her baby to go to the bathroom.

“A woman had an obviously hungry baby, he was crying and fussy, so of course like any mother would do, she just began to feed her child,” said Savannah Banonn. “She wasn’t just trying to get a reaction out of anybody.”

Bannon says the employee told the nursing mom to leave the area.

“He very rude and harshly told her, you need to go to the bathroom to do that,” Bannon told FOX 23. “You could see she was flustered and scatterbrained and it just really upset her.”

The nursing mother filed a complaint, as well as Bannon, who is also expecting.

FOX 23 spoke with the city who said they cannot comment on personnel issues.

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