Family distraught after vandalism at Oklahoma County cemetery

OKLAHOMA CITY - A woman's family cemetery was vandalized everything from trash being dumped to a car running through headstones.

“There’s no respect for the living and it’s obvious here there is no respect for the dead," said Michelle Scott.

Michele Scott said this respect at Lillard and Woodard Cemetery is gone.

“It’s just blatant disregard for people," said Scott.

Scott came to visit her brother's new headstone on Thursday to find other visitors had left behind an unpleasant sight.

“Furniture had been dumped," said Scott. "There’s trash, alcohol bottles, mattresses, and tires. They were all dumped in the cemetery.”

Across the street, there's a dumping site, but the trash wasn't the only problem.

The family also noticed nearly 20 headstones had been pushed over.

Scott's son picked up what he could.

The roots run deep at the family cemetery for Scott.

Her brother, her dad, her grandparents, and her great-grandparents are all buried at the cemetery.

“I want this to stop," said Scott. "I don’t want any other family to have to go through this. I just want it to stop.”

Scott said she has filed a police report with Oklahoma City Police and is waiting to hear back.

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