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“The loss of Mark Meyer is a big one,” Tulsa firefighter passes away after hard-fought battle with cancer

TULSA, Okla. – The Tulsa Fire Department is mourning the loss of one of their own who was battling cancer.

According to the fire department, Mark Meyer passed away Saturday at home with his family after a seven-year battle with cancer.

“Mark’s described by his peers as an all-American firefighter; a guy who’s always excited to show up to work and always wants to help citizens of Tulsa,” said Andy Little with the Tulsa Fire Department. “So, this loss, the loss of Mark Meyer is a big one.”

Captain Matt Shearer served with Meyer for 20 years and says his friend is a hero.

“Mark was a hero to all of us. Everything he went through, his fights, he’s inspired us all,” Shearer said.

The department says while battling cancer, Meyer noticed how many children were being treated for cancer as well.

That’s when Hydrants of Hope was created.

The nonprofit charity helps families of children with cancer during their treatment.

“Under Mark’s direction, Hydrants of Hope has raised impactful amounts of money. Mark’s legacy to the Tulsa Fire Department is much greater than money. He has shown us how to love your neighbor. He has demonstrated what it looks like to put the needs of others before your own,” the Tulsa Fire Department posted on Facebook. “Mark has shown us all what love looks like, and he did all these things, while engaging in the most difficult fight of his life.”

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