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The Village proposes parking ordinance banning RVs, boats, travel trailers in driveways

THE VILLAGE, Okla. - Robert Mansell bought his house in The Village 27 years ago.

Since that time, Mansell's also bought a Jeep and an RV. Parking those two vehicles is something that would be against a proposed ordinance.

"With this proposal, I can't keep my trailer and my Jeep in my backyard or my motor home,” he said.

That's because a proposed code change would allow no more than one trailer, boat, travel trailer, motor home and commercial vehicle - to name a few - to be parked at a residence.

"So, what we're proposing isn't any different from Oklahoma City, or Yukon or Edmond than what they have on the books when it comes to RV's and boats," said The Village Mayor Sonny Wilkinson.

Millions of dollars’ worth of more sidewalks are coming to the neighborhood. It's one reason Wilkinson is proposing the change.

"We're very mindful that, if we're going to invest this money, people need to be able to access them and use them,” he said.

Under the ordinance, residents with vehicles wider than seven feet, higher than nine feet and longer than 22 feet would be prohibited except for a 48-hour loading or unloading period.

Boats and trailers must be stored inside or on a paved or gravel surface and behind a sight-proof fence or sent to a storage facility. But, those rules don't set well for Mansell.

"I can't afford to hire a storage for my motor home, and I'm not going to leave it outside in the storage area up there that costs $60 a month that's unprotected," he said.

"The Village is at a growth point and a changing point, and some of these things aren't comfortable to go through but I think as a city we have to address them and move forward."

Wilkinson wants residents to go to the city council meeting April 1 to voice their opinion. Mansell plans to be there.

"We're told to live here the rest of our life, and little changes like this are just making it more difficult," Mansell said.

The city council hearing is at 7:30 p.m. April 1.

If it does pass, the new regulations would take effect October 1.

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