City of Anadarko cracking down on teens’ curfew after track hoe vandalized

ANADARKO, Okla. - Authorities in Anadarko are stepping up after brand new farm equipment was destroyed by vandals.

The equipment is also owned by the city and paid for by taxpayers.

Now, the city manager is demanding police enforce a curfew for minors, and it starts Tuesday night.

The City of Anadarko is using the track hoe for a sewer project at the fairgrounds, but the city manager said it's now delayed thanks to the vandals.

“Every time that we have to repair something like that, it robs us of our ability to fund something else in this community that we need to do,” City Manager Kenneth Corn said.

Corn said city workers found the track hoe destroyed Monday morning, leaving them with thousands of dollars in repairs.

“An unknown suspect at this time went down there with a metal pipe and appears to have knocked out all of the windows, control panels and everything,” said Detective Dusty Richardson.

The city just got the piece of equipment, too.

“I just don't understand why someone would walk through and say, hey, this would be fun to break out all of the windows out of a piece of 100,000 dollar piece of equipment,” Corn said.

Because of the senseless act and others in the past, Corn's demanding Anadarko police to enforce a curfew policy for minors, starting Tuesday night, hoping the crime will stop.

“If your kids are not in 10 o’clock, we will be writing tickets not only to the child for violation of the curfew but also to the parent for failure to control your child,” he said. “I want people to know in this community that we take these things seriously.”

Corn said it is their way to hold everyone accountable.

“All of us are working very hard right now to try and improve our city,” Richardson said. “We've done a lot the last couple of years.”

“We want to be good stewards of our tax money, and it’s unfair for everybody to have to pay for the mischief of other people,” Corn said.

Police said they're also dusting the pipe used on the track hoe for fingerprints. If you have any information on the case, give them a call.

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