Family outraged after neo-nazi website uses loved one’s death as propaganda

OKLAHOMA CITY - Joseph Knight was shot and killed while riding his bike home from work.

His family says his memory and his name is being dragged through the mud by a white supremacist website with an axe to grind.

The family has been praying for justice, and this week there was a break in the case.

“To see his face associated with something like that is so upsetting because that is the opposite of who he was,” said Tiffny Thurman.

“Taco Bender arrested for killing a white man riding his bike home from work” is the headline Tiffny Thurman read on the one year anniversary of her cousin’s death.

“Joe loved everybody and he had no judgement,” said Thurman. “He never met anybody that he didn't like or didn’t like him."

Joseph Knight was gunned down outside his Arizona apartment in March of 2018.

His entire family lives in the Oklahoma City area.

“I think about him all the time,” said Thurman.

Police released this week they believe Marcus Cruz Gaeta pulled the trigger.

“They think they found the guy and he is Mexican and my cousin is white,” said Thurman.

This news triggering a neo-Nazi white supremacy website called the Daily Stormer to post an article on the case stating “Bikes are a big no-no for white in a multicultural society as is being out after midnight”.

“To have people outside our family using him to spread hate when we have worked so hard to not have hate for the people who did this,” said Thurman “It`s so upsetting.”

That’s why Thurman works hard to make sure her cousin’s legacy of love is shared through the Facebook page that honors his life.

“Joe loved everybody and he had no judgement," said Thurman. "He never met anybody that he didn't like or didn't like him. I feel like he’s being exploited for their agenda and it’s something we don’t agree with.”

Knight’s suspected killer was already in custody on charges connected to a 2016 murder.

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