Mother upset after she says neighbors used racial slurs against her child

OKLAHOMA CITY - A mother said a feud between her and her neighbors has gotten out of control.

Geraldine Goff has lived in this home for 11 years.

"I never had to go through this stuff that I`m going through now," said Goff.

Over the weekend she and her son were confronted by a neighbor who came through her back fence.

"The little boy said you are nothing but a little n***** and you need to go hang yourself," said Goff.

Startled by the words directed at her son, Goff went to find the child's parent.

"They just came out of the blue and called me everything but my name," said Goff. "N***** this and n***** that n***** this again."

The Turning Point Sober Living Center, also known as the Providence Apartments, sits just behind the Goff's home.

"They just hop the fence," said Goff. "Come over and back over and over, and I thought this area was my privacy."

Goff said visitors of all ages cut through.

The concerned mother first contacted the manager of the complex.

"They told me it was a freedom of speech," said Goff. "It's not a freedom of speech when a child and a grown up is telling a child to hang themselves."

But then she was redirected to the Oklahoma City Housing Authority.

News 4 released this statement from the housing authority "A report was filed and the individuals were instructed to avoid contact with each other. This is the only reported incident the OKC Housing Authority is aware of."

Goff said now she's prepared to protect her family.

"I have dogs back here and they will bite," said Goff. "I don`t want them to bite anyone but I am entitled to privacy."

The Oklahoma City Housing Authority said this is the first complaint on this specific issue, and it will take action if a police report is filed.

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