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Plane makes emergency landing in heart of Cushing

CUSHING, Okla. - Chaos in Cushing: a plane headed to Tulsa makes an emergency landing right in the middle of Main Street.

The pilot and passenger were flying from Stillwater to Tulsa, but were forced to land when the plane started having problems.

Oklahoma Highway Patrol says after the pilot was in the air for just 10 minutes, he reported he had low oil pressure.

Folks in Cushing who saw the landing say it was crazy.

“I was thinking I was crazy, or I was hallucinating or what because I didn’t hear anything like motors on planes are loud,” said Luis Quezada.

Quezada says he saw the plane coming down through his rearview mirror.

“I was like, it’s blinking so it caught my attention, so I thought oh, it’s a plane in my mind, but I was like it is a plane,” said Quezada.

Bryan Anderson says he heard the shocking call come out over the scanner.

“They said there was a plane reported in the parking lot,” said Anderson.

According to Oklahoma Highway Patrol, the pilot reported he had low oil pressure and the plane was vibrating.

He couldn't make it to the Cushing airport, so he landed on Highway 33.

We’re told the planes wing span is about 36 feet and the highway is about 45 feet wide.

“It just kind of baffled me how did he get this plane down,” said Quezada. “It`s insane and the next day when I was looking at the cables around all of the electric I was like, wow he's a good pilot.”

Quezada says this experience will keep him on his toes from now on when driving. You never know what will happen.

“I think I am very cautious when I drive, you know, but you never think about what’s coming from upside so it was crazy,” said Quezada. “It’s a little town and everything is calm every day and really pretty peaceful here and when that happened I was just like wow. "

Trooper say the pilot and passenger were both from Sapulpa.

Neither of them was hurt.

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