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Woman thanks Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper for going beyond call of duty after tire blowout 

UNION CITY, Okla. – A woman is sharing her story after she says an Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper went above and beyond during a time of need on the highway.

Marina Dale Ray says she was driving on Highway 81 near Union City on Sunday, headed toward Chickasha, when her front passenger tire blew out.

“If anyone has driven on 81 near Union City you can understand why it’s such a dangerous place to be parked on the side of the road,” Ray wrote on Facebook.

She says she decided to change the tire herself instead of spending money on roadside assistance.

As she was lowering the jack as far it could go, she says a trooper pulled up.

Trooper Eric Albrecht and another man got out of the vehicle and helped Ray change her tire.

“I can change my own tire, I’ve done it a couple of times before but seeing Oklahoma State Trooper Eric Albrecht made my day!” she said. “He could have sat in his vehicle and did ‘traffic control’ to make sure I didn’t get hit as I was changing my tire but instead he and another gentleman who was with him got Trooper Albrecht’s jack out and cut the tire changing time in half!”

Ray says law enforcement officers deserve more recognition.

“Thank you to both men!” she wrote.

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