Yellow Cab Co. of Oklahoma officially closes

OKLAHOMA CITY - One of Oklahoma City's longest-running businesses is officially closed.

On Monday, drivers with Yellow Cab Co. of Oklahoma, LLC lined up to turn in equipment and have logos stripped off their vehicles.

The company stopped offering rides on Sunday after 75 years in business.

Long-time drivers with the company say they were shocked to learn about the closure last week.

"It was a shock. I mean, there's really no other way to put," said Mike Davis, who was a driver with the company for 40 years. "It's like any other job, especially when you've invested that much time into it and there's no real warning signs other than just peaks and valleys in business."

A statement on what used to be the company's websites reads:

"We regret to inform you that after faithfully serving Oklahoma City, Yellow Cab Co. of Oklahoma, LLC will be closing our doors, effective midnight March 24, 2019.  Thank you to every employee for your hard work and dedication, to every independent contract driver for your professionalism and pride in the brand, to every customer for your patronage and loyalty.  We are so grateful to have been able to serve this community and have been blessed by each and every one of you.  Although there will be fewer bright yellow cabs on the road, there’s no doubt that their contribution has been bright.  We appreciate you all, and  It is with great sorrow we say “Amber”, out."

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