Oklahoma family upset after ancestors’ cemetery vandalized

COWETA, Okla. – A family in northeastern Oklahoma is wanting answers after a cemetery that has been in their family for more than a century was vandalized.

“They were old, but they weren’t loose. They haven’t been loose,” said Mike Walker, who volunteers with the American Legion.

Walker spends a majority of his time at local cemeteries doing routine cleaning and maintenance.

Over the weekend, he went to a family cemetery to do just that and found it had been vandalized.

“We’ve had a lot of history down there and we’d like to keep it nice,” said Janie Fellers, whose family owns the cemetery.

Fellers’s family has owned the cemetery since the late 1800’s and is the resting place for her ancestors.

Many of the headstones had been knocked over or broken in the cemetery that’s located in a secluded part of the woods.

“Whoever done it had to know it was back here and come through the woods,” said Walker.

He hopes to put up a trail camera and fence to prevent the vandalism from happening again.

“Maybe someone will come forward with knowledge that has done it and we can get some community service hours out of them,” said Walker.

FOX 23 reports the family is part of the Creek Nation, so Creek Nation will be helping with materials to help restore the cemetery.

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