Scammer tries to extort Oklahoma woman searching for lost dog

TULSA, Okla. – Dogs are often part of the family, so Tabitha Crouch was devastated when she realized that her two dogs were missing from her backyard in Tulsa.

One of her dogs came home on its own, but the other, Scout, is still missing.

Crouch began posting missing fliers on Facebook, lost pet websites and at spots around Tulsa in hopes that someone might be able to bring Scout home.

Last week, she received a text message from someone saying that they found her dog.

However, her elation soon turned to anger.

When she tried to set up a place to pick up Scout, the person claimed they had no money for gas and would need her to send them cash.

“I’m so desperate to get my dog, my child, my baby that I was believing whatever this person was saying at the time,” she told KJRH.

At one point during the conversation, they told her that Scout was in danger of being eaten by their roommates if she didn’t pay them.

Crouch quickly realized that they were simply trying to scam her out of money and didn’t really have Scout. Now, she’s warning others.

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