“Free” trial offer comes with hidden costs and fake celebrity endorsement

NORMAN, Okla. - Single mom, Sage Foxford, says she was taken for a ride online by someone peddling a miracle skin cream.

“The headline was check out this miracle product,” she recalled.

The ad for Prache anti-aging cream and serum  came with bold claims, like it will clear up dry skin, and get rid of acne, and wrinkles.

It also came with a fake celebrity endorsement from the TV show Shark Tank.

She added, “That Shark Tank funded them, all five of the members for the first time in history.”

Sage isn't the first Oklahoman to get burned.

  • Each time the customer thought they'd only be paying for a minimal shipping and handling fee.
  • They had no idea they were actually signing up for a subscription, costing them hundreds of dollars.

“They said it isn't supposed to burn or anything,” Sage said. “This one burns.”

Better Business Bureau of Central Oklahoma's Kitt Letcher says not only is the free trail offer not free, but they make it tough to cancel your subscription.

“It's there today, it will be there tomorrow,” she added. “Take the time to do your research.”

The company hawking these products is out of California.

Scott reminds us to think twice about free trials asking you to pay for shipping and handling, because when you do, you're essentially giving them your credit or debit card number.

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