“It was scary,” Nerves rattled for residents at Langston University apartment complex after double shooting 

LANGSTON, Okla. – Langston University police and the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation are investigating a double shooting that sent two people to the hospital with multiple gunshot wounds.

It happened around 1 a.m. Thursday at an apartment complex owned by Langston University just off the campus.

"My friend hit me up on messenger and told me that there was a shooting in Langston at the Commons and I'm like, oh, I stay there,” Sabrina Grey told News 4.

However at first, Grey didn’t realize just how close that crime scene was to her apartment.

"I woke up, looked outside my window, and there's lights and it's the next building beside me and my daughter is in there asleep and luckily, no gunshots went through,” Grey said.

It was a huge relief for her because on the other side of that window, bullets wounded a fellow Langston University student and a guest.

"It was scary. It was just a scary feeling to know that it was right there and I had just seen them people yesterday,” Grey said.

The two victims were flown to the hospital by helicopter with multiple gunshot wounds.

Police believe there were possibly four suspects.

“I can't believe this. I'm totally in shock,” Letina Mcleod, who also lives at the complex, said.

This shooting comes just six months after 19-year-old Brandon Dupree was shot and killed at an off-campus party near the Langston Activity Center.

There were hundreds of witnesses there, but there still have not been any arrests in that case.

So far, there have been no arrests in this new case either.

"I'm really sad because these are babies that live over here," Mcleod said. "This is the area where students and their kids live and for this to happen, it's just, it's really sad."

"It's a terrifying feeling, like especially if you have a child sleeping in the next room and it's so close,” Grey said.

Police are still investigating whether or not the victims and the suspects knew each other.

Langston University officials said they believe this was an isolated incident.

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