Parents speaking about daughter’s sudden death at Oklahoma County Jail

OKLAHOMA CITY – The parents of a woman who died in the Oklahoma County Jail in December are speaking out about how their daughter died.

"I said look, if she's having a drug addiction or a drug problem, she's probably better where she's at,” Bill Spray told News 4.

That’s why the Sprays decided not to bail their daughter out of the Oklahoma County jail, where she died three days after being booked in.

"It was probably the biggest mistake of my life. We thought she would be safe. I thought she was safe," the Sprays said.

24-year-old Sindi Spray was booked in on misdemeanor prostitution charges.

Her parents said at first, they were in the dark about how she died, until they got the autopsy and learned she suffered from an infection due to a cyst that ruptured.

"They said that she was being treated for addiction and had been treated 30 minutes prior to finding her,” Bill Spray said.

Even though it was extremely painful, the Sprays and their family chose to dig their daughter’s grave, wanting to see her to the very end.

Cases like Sprays' sparking some brainstorming for Oklahoma County Commissioner Brian Maughn.

"I don't think the answers would be to just turn them loose in society,” Maughn said.

However, Maughn does think there could be another place to incarcerate inmates being treated for addiction or mental illness.

With a new facility though comes dollars signs, which is why Maughn is proposing a partnership with the city of OKC in order to fund it.

"Why I think it could be good for MAPS 4, is because it could be addressed with the city. For instance, if Oklahoma City arrests you, regardless of which county, they still bring them to the Oklahoma County Jail,” Maughn said.

His idea is in the early stages.

As for the Sprays, they think it needs to happen.

"If it would help one, one set of parents not feel what we've been feeling for the last three months and what we'll feel the rest of our life, it's worth it,” Bill Spray said.

Maughn said he’s had discussion with Mayor David Holt about the idea and said the final MAPS 4 package first has to be voted on by all five city councilors.

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