Attorney says shooter was acting in self defense in fatal Oklahoma City shooting

OKLAHOMA CITY - A fight on a local front porch has ended with one man dead and another in jail.

Police said Corey Chappell shot and killed Kody Jones. He's in jail for murder, but his attorney said he's innocent.

Neighbors said they're not surprised. They saw the police outside of the house earlier that day.

But, Chappell's attorney told News 4 that she's confident the shooting will be justified.

“Nobody is surprised,” said Aaron Adams, a concerned parent. “It was just a matter of time really.”

Adams wasn't shocked to see police cars outside his parents' neighbor’s house again. He said Chappell is a loose cannon.

“I’ve spoken with him several times, and he’s always complaining about something, you know, the world owes him a favor,” Adams said. “He does what he wants to do, and it doesn’t' matter how it affects everyone else."

Kody Julio Jones

Police said Chappell and 26-year-old Jones got into the fight on the front porch of the home where Chappell lives with his parents.

During the fight, officers said Chappell pulled out a gun and shot Jones.

“Responding officers located one victim there who was transported to a local hospital where he was pronounced deceased,” said Officer Megan Morgan, Oklahoma City police.

"The decedent was forcing his way, violently into the home after being told to leave and Chappell acted in self-defense,” Chappell's attorney, Jacqui Ford, told News 4.

Adams is thankful his son wasn't at his parents’ house, which is right next door.

“So, if that bullet doesn’t hit its target, that could’ve hit my kid; my parents just happened to be at a concert that night,” Adams said.

Adams hopes, now that Chappell is behind bars, the chaos stops.

“Just check on your friends,” Adams said. “Watch out for your kids, you know, it’s a shame we can’t let them play out doors anymore.”

Chappell was booked into the Oklahoma County Jail for first-degree murder.

We're told no bail has been set.

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