Orphaned baby beaver getting nursed back to health at Noble rescue

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NOBLE, Okla. - It's not something most of us see every day in Oklahoma - a baby beaver, orphaned and in need of serious help.

"That's his makeshift lodge," said Rondi Large, tending to the 3-week-old beaver. "We give him a little teddy bear so he can feel like he's snuggling with mom."

The poor little guy will never see his mother again. Large, of WildCare Oklahoma, said he was found by some oil rig workers in Chickasha who spotted two adult beavers - dead - on the side of the road.

"And, they were compassionate enough to stop and make sure that the animals really were deceased, and they found the baby with them," she said.

Large said he wouldn't have made it through the night if it weren't for the men.

Now, at WildCare in Noble, he's been bottle-fed formulated beaver milk for about a week.

"So, it's very high in fat, which is why beavers are waistline-challenged," Large said. "If you look at that baby, he does not have a belt line."

He's also on medication for respiratory issues, caused when his mother took him from his lodge, likely because it had been destroyed or bulldozed. She said little guys like him are simply too buoyant to get out or under water on their own.

The next step will be moving to a brand new large outdoor swim area, where hopefully he'll be joined by friends because beavers hate being alone. He'll be released in the next year or two - after proving he's ready.

"It takes a long time for beavers to mature," Large said. "Before they release, they have to show me adult behaviors."

They rehabilitate a variety of animals at WildCare. If you spot one that needs help, feel free to contact them at 405-872-9338 or on their Facebook page.

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