Homicide investigation underway in Tulsa after shooting victim dies nearly 10 years later

TULSA, Okla. – A homicide investigation is underway in Tulsa after the victim of a drive-by shooting nearly 10 years ago recently died.

Back in June of 2009, police say Elisa Riley was riding in a car in north Tulsa when someone opened fire. Riley was shot in the drive-by shooting multiple times.

He survived the shooting at the time and later went to prison on unrelated charges. During late December of 2018, he was still in prison when doctors decided he needed surgery to remove bullets that were still inside him and causing problems.

“He still had bullets inside him so they went in to retrieve something, there was a blockage down there, they went in to retrieve it and he died two weeks later,” Sgt Brandon Watkins of the Tulsa Police Homicide Unit told FOX 23.

The medical examiner ruled Riley’s death a homicide, and says the complications from the shooting are what killed him.

No one has been arrested in connection to the shooting.

“This is about as hard as it gets,” said Watkins.

Tulsa police are investigating the case as the city’s 14th homicide of 2019.

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