Norman stepfather wanted for felony abuse of 4 kids

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NORMAN, Okla. - A man who four, young siblings should be able to trust is wanted for physically abusing them on multiple occasions.

Charges against Nathaniel Jacobs include three felony counts of child abuse.

Four siblings under the age of 11 made the allegations. According to court documents, they told investigators he choked on of them, causing him to pass out and chip his tooth. He also allegedly "killed a bee and put it down [the child's] pants causing it to sting him."

Another child said he was forced by Jacobs to "eat habanero peppers as a challenge." All four claimed he would shoot them with bb guns and make them shoot each other.

It's trauma CARE Center child victim's advocate Shelby Lynch said no child just grows past.

"Since they have experienced trauma, they are more likely to continue that cycle of trauma later on when they become adults," Lynch said. "Anxiety is going to be something they will suffer with, probably will suffer with, depression might be another thing, difficulty making relationships with others."

CARE Center advocates said Oklahoma ranks among the worst states for child abuse. One in three girls and one in five boys experience abuse before they turn 18 years old. They attribute the high statistics to poor mental health resources, poor resources for people and children with disabilities, poor education about child abuse, substance abuse and the fact that children who experience abuse themselves are more likely to continue that abuse in their own families as adults.

Lynch reminds, when it comes to child abuse, the law states, if you suspect abuse, it is your legal duty to report it.

According to court documents, Jacobs said the choking was just play wrestling. He said "he is fairly decent about discipline" usually but he was "under the influence of meth."

A warrant has been issued for Jacobs' arrest with a $250,000 bond.

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