Thieves make off with family heirlooms after breaking into Oklahoma City home

OKLAHOMA CITY — Police want to speak with a man caught on camera right before he allegedly broke into an Oklahoma City home and stole a long list of items, including two family heirlooms. It happened March 26 at a home near S Post and SE 29th.

“It's an invasion of privacy to have somebody break into your home,” Gail Marlatt told News 4.

Marlatt said a man caught on her doorbell camera didn’t just break in.

“They came in, they took a couple of laptops, they took my iPad, they took a couple of older cellphones that we don't use anymore," she said. "They came in, and they raided my liquor cabinet, got a couple of suitcases and filled them up with liquor. They got eight bottles of wine."

They also stole several family heirlooms, including her dad’s watch and a ring that belonged to her mom.

“He did that all in about 10 minutes. Seriously. So, it was very fast,” Marlatt said.

Marlatt  said the suspect pried open her door, she thinks, with a crow bar.

In the doorbell camera video, you get a good look at the suspect’s face and, in another clip, you see him pulling away. Marlatt said, after that, he allegedly stole her neighbor’s trailer.

“It is kind of unnerving, and I think it took a while for that to settle in. So, we're locking every lock and getting the door replaced,” she said.

Marlatt is hoping and praying the suspect is caught and this never happens again.

“I’m just glad I wasn't home when he came,” she said.

If you recognize the suspect in the doorbell video, call Crime Stoppers at 405-235-7300.

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