Wagoner County law enforcement members help buy middle schooler new bike 

WAGONER COUNTY, Okla. – Law enforcement officers in Wagoner County surprised a middle schooler after realizing her bike was broken.

On March 26, Wagoner County Deputy Kaleb Phillips was on his way home when he saw a young girl pushing her bike.

Phillips talked to the girl who told him her bike had a flat tire/damaged wheel and would not hold air.

The deputy then loaded her bike into his patrol unit and took the girl to Wagoner Middle School.

After dropping the girl off at school, Phillips talked to the Wagoner Police Department’s School Resource Office Raquel Murphy.

Together, Phillips and Murphy came up with a plan to go to Walmart to buy a new bike for the girl.

Wagon County 911 dispatcher Michael Cordova met the pair at Walmart and all three pitched in their own money to get the girl a new bike.

They then took the new bike to girl’s home and dropped it off.

Wagoner County Sheriff Chris Elliott says he’s proud of the deputy, officer and dispatcher for their actions.

“To many times we as law enforcement will be come to focused on apprehending the bad guys and lose sight of the meaning to protect and to serve. These deputies, officers and dispatchers exemplify the definition of what it is to serve our community,” Elliott said. “I’m truly honored and humbled to serve with these individuals. The selfless and admirable efforts of these law enforcement professionals is the embodiment of what law enforcement work should be.”

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