Edmond man charged with animal cruelty after shooting chihuahua with .357 Magnum

EDMOND, Okla. - An Edmond man allegedly used a revolver to kill a small dog in his backyard.

Investigators used several pieces of evidence in this case including video surveillance capturing Edwards holding the dog between his legs, a gun in his hand, and blood on the ground.

"It's always quiet here,” neighbor Amelia Synan said. “I can't imagine violence being around.”

That peace and quiet quickly changed in the early morning hours of March 14.

According to Edmond Police, the Edwards family had company that night on Richland Drive, near Danforth and Santa Fe.

"She told us that the friend's husband was extremely intoxicated,” Jennifer Wagnon from the Edmond Police Department said.

The man was James Aaron Edwards.

His wife told police feces was found on the floor from their chihuahua, Tater.

The woman said Edwards yelled “The dog needed to die”, “He would just throw the body into the bushes”, and even made threats toward her saying he “put his hands up like he was going to strangle me”.

"At some point, she left for work and then he sent her a text message,” Wagnon said.

According to court documents, the text messages read, “The dog is in a hole in the ground”.

"We did find the animal buried in the backyard,” Wagnon said.

Police also found two revolvers, one of them a .357 Magnum, and marijuana.

According to Edmond police, Edwards had a different version of events.

He said he shot the dog in Piedmont because it was sick.

"It was clear the truck had not been washed and there were no signs that the dog was placed back there,” Wagnon said.

News 4 tried to speak with Edwards to get his side of the story.

He asked News 4 to leave.

Court filings show Edwards now faces several felony charges including animal cruelty.

Police say his wife and other family members have also come forward saying he was “diagnosed with PTSD and that he does smoke marijuana as well as snorts cocaine”.

"Here there are some emotional and possible mental health issues,” Wagnon said.

"I can't believe someone would do something like that,” Synan said. “That's your family member basically."

While Edmond Police were on their way to Edwards’ home for the initial call, Edwards was pulled over in a traffic stop and arrested on drug charges.

News 4 also learned his wife has since filed a victim’s protective order against her husband.

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