Nearly 400 THC vape cartridges packaged like candy found during traffic stop

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OKLAHOMA CITY -Police say they seized nearly 400 THC vape cartridges in "unusual" packaging, along with 15 pounds of marijuana after a traffic stop.

According to Oklahoma City police, they stopped a car traveling on I-40 for a traffic violation. Inside the car, officers found 15 pounds of marijuana and nearly 400 THC vape cartridges that were packaged to look like candy or toys.

"The packaging was such that children could easily confuse these," said Officer Megan Morgan, with the Oklahoma City Police Department. "One officer said he’s even seen an instance or heard of an instance where a young child brought one of these packages from her elementary school. Fortunately, they were able to catch that it wasn’t candy but it was packaged as if it were candy."

A police report shows 40-year-old Francis Ward and 33-year-old Adrian Lewis have been arrested in connection and booked on charges of drug possession with the intent to distribute.

Troy Green lives in Oklahoma City. He said he hopes parents are on the forefront of educating their children.

"I think it’s abhorrent that people would try to take advantage of kids. It’s bad enough that you try to take advantage of an adult," Green said. "They’re getting more of these drug dealers and drug pushers, whatever you want to call it, are getting a lot more ingenious about how they represent the drug."

It's a message echoed by police.

"We want parents and teachers to be aware that this is out there so that they can educate children. Not only keep an eye to make sure that your kids aren’t coming home with this kind of thing, but let kids know that this is dangerous," Morgan said. "And not to accept candy from strangers. The old adage is completely true in this and if they do happen to see someone try to give these things away to contact the closest adult, teacher, parent or officer."

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