New details released after 250 ‘shake-and-bake’ labs found in Mannford home

MANNFORD, Okla. – We’re learning new details about a massive meth bust in the community of Mannford.

Following a months-long investigation, Mannford police served a search warrant at a home in the 100 block of East Elm St. in Mannford.

Mannford Police Chief Lucky Miller told KJRH that the family had been on the department’s radar for almost three years. However, they had no idea exactly how many illegal items would be found inside the home.

Authorities allegedly discovered more than 250 ‘shake-and-bake’ labs on the property.  In fact, officials say they had to wear hazmat suits and gas masks to sort through the array of ingredients that go into making methamphetamine.

“Of course, the lab chemicals have eaten the hinges on the doors, all the metal stuff so uh, yeah,” Miller said. “It’s a catastrophe in there.”

Miller says this marks the largest meth bust he has seen in his 21 years in law enforcement.

Officers arrested Andrew Caywood, Melissa Caywood and Nicholas Caywood.

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