Norman residents react to racist vandal arrest

NORMAN, Okla. - "I'm glad that she's in jail and deserves to be," said Norman resident Nicole Brodsky.

Allison Christine Johnson is in the Cleveland County Jail for a complaint of terroristic threats.

"It blows my mind that we're in 2019, and people can be so radical about it," said Brodsky.

Brodsky is referring to the anti-semitic graffiti that Norman and Oklahoma City police believe Johnson is responsible for.

"Hate will not be tolerated, not by the Jews, not by Americans, not by anyone," said Norman resident Jael Ochoa.

The first incidents in Oklahoma City last week at the democratic party headquarters and the Chickasaw nation office.

Earlier this week, more of the same graffiti left at a Norman School, The Firehouse Arts Center, and the Cleveland County Democratic Headquarters.

"If they would`ve done their research and they were actually trying to target Jews they would've gone to a synagogue or our Hillel. I`m glad that they didn`t, but it just shows that they`re uneducated" said Brodsky.

The vandalism hitting folks in Oklahoma's Jewish community hard.

"Here in Norman, it's been very different there's a big Jewish community in Dallas, and here there`s not at all," said Brodsky.

With Johnson's arrest, residents in Norman are breathing a little easier, but still have questions.

"You catch one particularly hateful person and that's good, but the ideas didn`t come out of thin air, we encounter hateful people, and there is fear involved but we move forward and we grow stronger as a community because of it," said Ochoa.

The District Attorney's office says Johnson's arraignment is set for Monday.

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