Moore man accused of stealing $85k from supermarket flees country

Data pix.

MOORE, Okla. - A burglary suspect accused of stealing nearly $85,000 from a supermarket will likely never face his charges, according to police, now that he’s fled to Mexico.

It happened at the Supermercados Morelos in Moore at about 3 a.m. Surveillance footage shows a man police identify as Julio Mederos-Bautista, a former employee, letting himself into the closed store.

According to court documents, he had an “intimate knowledge of the company’s protocols, passcode, and hidden safe.”

“They do a lot of transactions as far as money transactions to and from Mexico,” said Moore Police Sgt. Jeremy Lewis. He explained the store serves in some ways like a bank. “So that’s probably why there was the large amount of money.”

Mederos-Bautista made off with $84,805 from the market before taking off to Mexico.

But he didn’t get away with all of it. Moore Police worked with Oklahoma City Police and recovered about $64,000 from other people who had the cash.

“I don’t know if he planned on having it sent to him in Mexico,” Sgt. Lewis said. “Getting across the border with that large amount of money is probably difficult.”

Court documents state Mederos-Bautista allegedly confessed to his former employer on the phone, and management staff identified “two other eyewitnesses involved in the theft.”

If he does return to the U.S., he’ll be facing a felony burglary charge.

“He knows that he’s facing charges so probably won’t come back,” Sgt. Lewis said.

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