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Moore man arrested after allegedly harassing neighbor, then attacking medic

MOORE, Okla. - A man accused of harassing his neighbor worsens the situation when he allegedly resists arrest and attacks a medic. Police say he put up a fight every step of the way during his arrest.

Charges against Collin Hayes include assault and battery on an emergency technician, resisting an officer, malicious injury to property, and misdemeanor harassing and threatening electronic communication.

Detectives went to Hayes home to serve a warrant for the misdemeanor. According to court documents, he's accused of harassing his neighbor. The neighbor allegedly told him to stay away, even blocked him on Facebook. But Hayes started a new account, and allegedly verbally harassed the victim, sent sexual videos, and even "sent photos of him desecrating an owl."

"He apparently is intoxicated a lot of the time, openly smokes marijuana on his porch and drinks a lot," said Sgt. Jeremy Lewis with the Moore Police Department.

Hayes refused to be arrested, instead falling to the floor in front of the detectives. He wouldn't release his arms behind his back until he was pepper sprayed. After that, police said he pretended to pass out.

Then in the ambulance, Hayes allegedly broke some of the equipment monitoring his status, along with the EMT's fingers.

"He easily could have just cooperated," Sgt. Lewis said. "None of that should have happened."

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