School officials: Culprit behind prom graffiti case at Shawnee High School identified

SHAWNEE, Okla. – An alleged suspect has been identified in a vandalism case at an Oklahoma high school.

On Monday morning, students at Shawnee High School arrived on campus to find a wall covered in graffiti, which appeared to be someone’s proposal to the prom.

“It was just shocking that had happened,” said Cherity Pennington, Shawnee Public Schools Communications Coordinator. “This is not a way we would recommend asking anyone to the prom because the cleanup is going to be incredibly expensive.”

Maintenance crews spent the majority of Monday morning scrubbing the walls, but there was still a lot of work ahead of them.

“Not only are they going to have to do quite a bit of re-painting, but they’re going to have to do some sandblasting to try to remove the paint,” Pennington told News 4.

School officials told News 4 that there was surveillance video of the crime.

Now, it appears that someone has been identified.

Officials with Shawnee Public Schools confirmed to News 4 that a culprit has been identified, and that Shawnee police are handling the case.

In addition to facing punishment at school, it seems the prom vandal may also face legal issues.

In Oklahoma, it's automatically a felony if the damages are over $1,000.

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