“You just feel lost,” Oklahoma family loses everything to massive fire in Lula

Lula, Okla. - A small-town family, just outside of Ada, is holding their loved ones close after a massive fire destroyed everything they’ve ever had.

“You just feel lost. Your whole life flashes before your eyes,” homeowner Tammy Scott said.

Nicole Yarbrough’s family has been living in their Lula home for as long as she can remember.

Even her mother, Tammy Scott, grew up there.

But on Tuesday afternoon, tragedy struck.

“We literally have the clothes on our backs,” Yarbrough said.

Yarbrough and her mother had just returned home from running errands in town to see fire trucks in their yard and their house in flames.

“Mostly this part was already gone and the middle part was still just blazing. There was nothing. No way to stop it,” Yarbrough said.

The family, including six children, lived in the once four-bedroom home.

Everything from photos to last year’s Christmas toys were destroyed in the fire.

“Mostly everything else is replaceable. Except for my pictures, of course. But everything else is replaceable. We’ll move on and we’ll survive because that’s what we do,” Yarbrough said.

Scott owned the home but said she was unable to insure the home due to roof damage.

While the exact cause is still unknown, the pair said firefighters are concerned the inferno could ignite again due to Wednesday’s strong winds.

Now, they say they’re just glad they have each other and the memories of a long-cherished home.

“Just go day by day. Just try to pull it together and hold it together for the babies,” Scott said.

“I lost everything, but I have my kids.” Yarbrough said.

The family is staying with other family members nearby, but they are in dire need of clothing and blankets for the kids.

A fundraiser has been started to help with donations.

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