Yukon Public School Board approves medical marijuana policy

YUKON, Okla. – Students at a local school district who have a medical marijuana license will be able to use the medication while at school, according to a new district policy.

Officials with Yukon Public Schools tell News 4 that the Yukon Public School Board approved a new medical marijuana policy on Monday night.

The policy says that employees who have a medical marijuana license will not be punished for having the license, but they will not be allowed to use or possess marijuana while at school.

However, students with a medical marijuana license will be allowed to access and use their medication on school grounds. The policy states that the district will provide a private location where a caregiver can administer the medication.

The medical marijuana cannot be in smoking form, as there is a no smoking policy still in place.

School officials cannot legally administer medical marijuana to students, even if they have a medical marijuana license.

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