Burglar breaks into multiple Davis businesses to gain access to medical marijuana dispensary

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DAVIS, Okla. - A bizarre break-in affected multiple businesses in the small town of Davis, and police say it’s all thanks to a burglar after some medical marijuana.

“They knew the routes to it. It’s almost like it’s not their first rodeo,” Dr. James Rhodes said.

Dr. Rhodes has owned his Davis chiropractic business for over 21 years now. Before this week, he never imagined he’d need a security system, until this happened.

“They entered through the alleyway outside wall into a vacant office space and then broke through each office space until they got to the dispensary,” Davis Police Chief Dan Cooper said.

Early Tuesday morning, before going through an empty office space, a burglar broke through Rhodes’ walls. All to gain access to the medical marijuana dispensary next door.

“At this time, it looks like it was just one person involved,” Cooper said.

Outside the dispensary is a sticker alerting visitors that there are surveillance cameras on the property.

We tried to contact the owners to find out how much product was taken but have yet to hear back.

The police chief said he’s still reviewing the dispensary surveillance footage in hopes of getting a better look at the suspect.

“Don’t really believe that it’s anybody local. It could be, but at this time I’m not certain that it is a local. I think it may be somebody from out of town that has done this before,” Cooper said. “The person that did break into this did a fairly good job of avoiding the cameras.”

Dr. Rhodes says other than the holes in his walls, there was no other damage to his business, and nothing of his was taken.

But regardless, he’s now planning to beef up his own security.

“The biggest thing now, I mean, cameras are everywhere, so there will be cameras in here. It’s a wake-up call to maybe protect some of our assets we have in here,” Rhodes said.

Dr. Rhodes is planning on installing a security system at some point this week.

If you have any information about the break-in, you’re asked to call Davis police.

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