Elderly man robbed at gunpoint outside assisted living facility

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OKLAHOMA CITY - An elderly Oklahoma City man is recovering after a frightening encounter: police say the 86-year-old was robbed at gunpoint outside of his assisted living center.

His hip was also broken during the hold-up.

Maynard Greensberg is still recovering from a broken hip, but the retirement community is now on edge.

"We were very troubled and saddened to hear what had happened," said Ron Kelly, CEO and President of Epworth Villa.

After winning $1,000 at a casino in Norman, 86-year-old Maynard Greensberg's night took a terrifying turn.

Police say Victor Acosta followed him home, pulled out a gun and demanded Greenberg's coat.

"We are a gated community and so our residents have to use an access card to be able to gain access to both the vehicle areas and even into the buildings itself," said Kelly.

Acosta allegedly pushed Greenberg to the ground, breaking his hip.

Police say he was able to get away with nearly $5,000 while Greenberg was screaming for help.

"Our staff was able to get there and to assist him," said Kelly. "It took a little while to realize that his injuries required medical attention."

Police later arrested Acosta.

But, Kelly says nothing like this has ever happened at the retirement community.

"Not only is it traumatic emotionally for him, but he's got a recovery he's got to make too," said Kelly. "We will be here to help in any way that we can and we look forward to his return."

If this happens to any future or current residents, Kelly's advice is:

"If someone is following you, maybe take a trip around the block just to think are they following me and then if they are call 911," said Kelly.

But, Kelly's confident with the 24 hour security at the front of the facility, and the residents on the lookout, everyone living here is safe.

"Very important for folks to still use the systems we have in place and if we do that we should be fine," said Kelly. "This is an isolated incident and we are confident it will just remain that, isolated."

Acosta was booked into jail for robbery with a dangerous weapon.

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