Former high school security guard accused of exchanging nude photos with freshmen

PONCA CITY, Okla. - A former Ponca City High School security guard is charged with asking for and exchanging nude photos with freshman girls, then making alarming threats as an employee at Walmart.

Charges against 21-year-old Perry Buntt include two counts of lewd proposals to a child under 16, lewd acts to a child under 16, violation of the Oklahoma statute via computer, soliciting sexual conduct with a minor by technology, and three counts of threatening to perform an act of violence.

Buntt was a formerly a security guard employed by Burnett Security. At the end of his employment, he was tasked with guarding the kids at Ponca City High School.

But a couple months after he began, allegations surfaced of Buntt having inappropriate conversations with 14-year-old girls.

"We had six girls come forward and talk to us," Ponca City Police Capt. Randy Tyner said.

He said that instead of keeping the girls safe, Buntt requested nude photos. He allegedly sent some of himself to some of the girls, and received some in return from at least one of the girls.

Investigators say it's possible there are more victims.

"He had developed these, this grooming behavior to make them feel comfortable to send those pictures," Capt. Tyner said.

The conversations remained secret until a friend of one of the girls came forward to a teacher.

"Parents must monitor whats going on on their kids' phones," Capt. Tyner said.

The Ponca City Schools superintendent said Buntt was immediately removed from the premises, and Jerry Burnett, president of Burnett security, said Buntt was immediately suspended, then terminated.

But police said the trouble followed him to his next job at Walmart. That's where he allegedly threatened to shoot up the place.

"Somebody asked him, you know, 'You having a good day?' 'Well, it`d be better if there was blood all over the floor,'" Capt. Tyner said, "those type of comments."

Buntt was put through a mental health evaluation before he was charged.

News 4 couldn't reach Buntt at his home. The person who answered the door at the time said he didn't have a comment, except to say, "It's just a big stirred up mess is what it is."

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