Mustang school board approves salary increase for teachers

MUSTANG, Okla. – As lawmakers at the Oklahoma State Capitol consider a pay raise for teachers, some districts are taking matters into their own hands.

On Thursday morning, the Mustang Board of Education approved a step increase of $2,488.28 for teachers, bringing the starting salary for teachers in the district to $40,000.

“The Board has made it a priority to position the district to attract and retain highly qualified teachers,” Superintendent Charles Bradley said. “The new negotiated agreement will provide a well-deserved boost to our current teaching staff and make it easier to fill vacancies.”

The board says they hope that the move will improve teacher morale and make it easier to fill vacancies.

“The Board and the administration team have been working toward making our teacher salary schedule competitive among peer groups,” he said. “For several years, Mustang Schools has been in a position where funds have been devoted to keeping up with growth by hiring staff for new schools. We have reached a point where we can look at salaries and make needed adjustments.”

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