Precure Nursery – Patio Herb Planting


Precure Nursery and Garden Center is here to help you simplify your outdoor herb gardening this summer! First, you will want to take a great selection of the herbs you typically cook with. Find a planter that you’d like to plant them in and set it up on your patio. Make it fancy and change them up! It is always a good idea to label the herbs that you have put into your potter, here we are using a strawberry jar. It is easy – you can leave the tags in or simply take sharpie and label right onto the jar. After you fill the jar, add water of course! Fertilizer will help these herbs grow vigorously through spring and summer.

Come in and see us and we can help you pick out some herbs, a great planter and give you all the helpful hints you need to have a happy herb growing season!

Visit us at 8125 W Reno Avenue to make your landscape dreams a reality! Visit


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