WWJD: Man, woman wearing Jesus shirt allegedly cash casino ticket found on the ground

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OKLAHOMA CITY - "If it was mine, I wouldn't have wanted somebody to keep it," said Oklahoma resident Silver Watson, reacting to a crime reported out of Remington Park Racing Casino.

An $1,800 ticket, taken from the floor of the casino.

"You cannot take someone else's property even if it's lost property," said Oklahoma City Police Msg. Gary Knight.

Police now want to talk to two people in connection with the crime.

Both were caught on surveillance video.

The woman wearing a blue shirt proclaiming Jesus, and the man in the video wearing a plaid shirt and grey hoodie.

"Anyways, it's still a good deal to be honest when you find something like that.  That's what happened up here, someone found my credit and returned it," said Oklahoma resident Bill Wells.

The crime police say they are accused of committing is larceny of a lost property.

"If you drop something and you didn't realize you lost it ... that makes it a crime when somebody else comes and takes it... especially for financial gain," said Msg. Knight.

Oklahomans News 4 spoke with say they didn't know this was illegal.

"It's something that's obviously a jailable offense or we wouldn't be having this conversation," said Msg. Knight.

Most Oklahomans did tell us, they would've done the right thing.

"I would've turned it in," said Watson.

"My thoughts are, it pays to be honest," said Wells.

Police say the proper procedure is to take a lost ticket to security.

"It wouldn't have been hard to figure out who it belonged to if they were of mind to do such a thing," said Msg. Knight.

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