“I was just asking God to help me,” Love’s employee saves customer’s life

UNION CITY, Okla. - It’s a moment Tommy Robinson said he thought he’d never experience.

“Holy crap, I passed out!” Tommy Robinson told News 4.

Robinson, a truck driver, made his usual stop at the Love's Truck Stop in Union City on Friday.

He says he took a bite of his hamburger, and doesn't remember much after that.

“He was eating it and I believe he was choking as I was putting up cigarettes,”Ticresha Cox, a Love's employee, said.

The scary moment was caught on the store's surveillance video.

“Apparently, I choked and couldn’t breathe and some point.. the problem is I don’t remember the falling down part of it,” Robinson said.

The woman who saved his life, Ticresha Cox, has been a Love's employee for just over two weeks.

“I heard him fall and a display moved, and so when I went around the corner, I was just asking God to help me," Cox said. "Then when I saw his face and how purple, I just went into, 'God, do not let this man die in front of me.'"

At that point, Cox knew she had to do something.

“I yelled for help and honestly, I thought if I don’t act now this man could die,” Cox said.

Just a few days later, Robinson says he feels lucky to be alive.

“Just kind of taken back, just reeling a little bit and I’m just so thankful because it's that quick that something can happen and be over,” he said.

He also says that this incident won’t stop him from eating his usual burger.

“I think I chew my food a little more, maybe a little subconscious, I'm gonna take my time a little bit,” Robinson said.

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