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“It’s frustrating,” Alleged burglar targets Moore vape shop

MOORE, Okla. - A burglar has struck an Oklahoma vape shop and left behind quite a mess for the owners.

The entire thing was captured on surveillance video.

The man is caught on camera walking around the store many times before smashing through a drive-thru window and ripping out the cash register.

"It's terrible what happened; it's frustrating," said Donny Ivers, with 18 Gauge Vapor.

Ivers is busy cleaning up after a man broke into his brother's vape shop in Moore early Sunday morning.

"They smashed through the glass and stole the cash box of the register and left parts of it, the monitor and stuff drug out across the ground and hanging from the window," he said.

Ivers now has a repair bill totaling close to $1,000.

"The out-of-pocket expense and the time and irritability of having to fix everything," he said.

Just minutes before the break-in, the suspect walks around store, peeking into the windows, checking to see if anyone is inside.

"When he decided to make his move, he did it quick," Ivers said. "This is the first bad thing that's really ever happened here."

However, Ivers is thankful no one was hurt. But, he wants the man to come forward and do what's right.

"If he's to the point to where he's breaking in, somebody needs to help him," he said.

Ivers is even feeling generous.

"I promise you, if that guy would of asked him, I would of gave him what little money he got out of that cash register instead of causing all of this damage," he said.

But, if he doesn't take Ivers up on his offer...

"Please, call the police department," he said. "Let's get him help one way or another."

Ivers said they are stepping up security and adding more cameras, as well as leaving the cash register open and empty from now on.

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