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Oklahoma trooper who saved three children to be honored with Heroism Award

OKLAHOMA CITY – An Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper is being honored later this week for an act of bravery that saved the lives of three children.

On Feb. 14, Oklahoma Highway Patrol troopers were called to a wreck after a truck crashed and rolled into a body of water in McCurtain County.

Investigators soon realized that the truck was submerged in standing water with three young children trapped inside the wreckage.

Trooper Cody Enloe took control of the scene and hooked up the ‘Jaws of Life’ to the vehicle, which allowed them to reach two of the children.

Initially, deputies with the McCurtain County Sheriff’s Office said they believed there were only two children inside the vehicle.

“When I turned around, I saw that some of the people around the truck were starting to walk away. It was at this time that I saw Trooper Enloe climb into the partially submerged, upside down truck head first. Trooper Enloe came back out with another infant in a car seat,” McCurtain County Deputy Curtis Fields wrote on Facebook.

Officials say that child’s nose and lips were already turning blue when Enloe began back thrusts to get the child breathing again.

At the time of the rescue, Enloe had only been a trooper for less than a year.

Now, he is being recognized for his bravery.

The Oklahoma State Firefighters Association will be presenting Trooper Enloe with a Heroism Award on April 17.

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