Oklahoma girl recovering from serious bike accident comes home

MOORE, Okla. – A Moore family dealing with tragedy for the second time in less than four years has received a bit of good news.

“You can never be too careful, you always think you are watching enough and there is never enough,” Dylan Waddle told News 4.

In 2015, the Waddle family was hit with the unthinkable.

“Our daughter, Emmy, passed away when she was 5 from the flu; that was a very sudden thing that happened in 2015 right before her 6th birthday. She got sick on a Saturday and passed on a Sunday,” Waddle said. “You know, it’s just one of those things, you know. The Lord, he provides immense peace in very difficult situations, and it’s almost beyond understanding. [We are] just praying for healing and that everything will work out, and we’re praying that she’ll get better.”

Earlier this month, Waddle’s daughter, Graysen, was riding her bike when disaster struck.

“She was going down the street as fast as she could go, and the bike just broke, threw her right on the ground,” he said.

Graysen was rushed to a nearby hospital in critical condition with a concussion, multiple skull fractures and bleeding.

Fortunately, the family says Graysen's condition is improving.

According to a post on Facebook, they were able to bring her home from the hospital this week. She is still experiencing head and ear pain, and she will be using a walker to help with her balance.

"Please pray that the pain will subside and that somehow she will get her hearing back. Thank you for the continued prayers and support!" the post read.

The Waddles have set up a GoFundMe page.

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